About Battlefy

We are the tip of the spear for esports...

  • Battlefy is where esports is created and discovered – it’s the easiest way to create, manage, and find esports competitions
  • Battlefy is the esports platform trusted globally by game studios, publishers, brands, and leagues to create, market, and scale organized gaming competitions
  • Battlefy is used by more than 120,000 esports organizations to produce professional tournaments and leagues
  • We were founded well before the Associated Press confirmed the correct spelling for “esports,”
  • We’re backed by gaming and media industry veterans
  • We’re growing, and we need passionate talent to drive the company to the next level

Esports and gaming is in our DNA. We grind League of Legends as part of our product testing, practice CSing obsessively in DOTA2, and are adamant about Ultimate Infestation giving way too much value in Hearthstone. We never pick Hanzo in Overwatch but are always willing to fill; and we’re always ready to blast goals from outside the box in either FIFA or Rocket League. And, recently, we added frying pans to the dress code; thanks, PUBG.

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